Startwith the dirt and grow from there.Going from nothing to something takes planning, effort and a little help from the right partner. Whether it’s improving your yard, putting in a garden, or extending your driveway, our knowledgeable staff can help determine what you need
and then deliver it to your door.

GroundThe ground beneath your feet.Sand or soil, gravel or stone; whether putting in a walkway
or just fixing a drainage problem, starting with the right
base makes all the difference. Start smart, finish
right – we can help make it so.

Dirtis boring, so we’ll dazzle you
with our knowledge
Everybody claims selection and service (we have that too), but
not everybody can boast forty-plus years in the West Michigan
region. We’ve been here since 1971 and with that history
comes wisdom – and a certain understanding of our
customers needs. Call us with a question
or quote. You’ll see.


I have Shoemaker on my speed dial...

Tim G.,

Thanks for your service....


You guys have the best topsoil...


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