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At MarJo Construction we know Dirt is boring, so we’ll dazzle you with our knowledge

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Sand or soil, gravel or stone; whether putting in a walkway or just fixing a drainage problem, starting with the right base makes all the difference. Start smart, finish right – we can help make it so.

We’ve been doing this for a long time and we know our stuff. Stone for a walkway, sand for a patio, or gravel for a drainage problem – our experienced staff can point the way. We’ll help you select the right material for your application and then load it in your truck. No truck? No problem. We maintain our own fleet of trucks and can deliver it for you. Often times the same day. Delivery fees do apply and will vary depending on your location. Just give us a call for our best deal.

Everybody claims selection and service (we have that too), but not everybody can boast almost 50 years in the West Michigan region. We’ve been here since 1971 and with that history comes wisdom – and a certain understanding of our customer’s needs.

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Delivery Services

We offer products for both residential and commercial use. You can pick it up from our Shoemaker and Sons location at 2635 Wilson Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534, or MarJo Construction can deliver within a 50 mile radius of our location.

Our Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use your gravel instead of a competitor?

Quality, pricing, accommodations and personable service from a family owned company since 1971.

What products do you offer?

We carry and can deliver a wide variety of materials. The ones listed below are what we typically have in our yard for customers to pick up but we can deliver a very wide variety of materials more than what is listed (too many to list). Call us for more information (616) 791-0946.

What type of material should I use?

Depending on your project, we have Sand, Fill Dirt (Unscreend Topsoil) for filling holes
or pools and we have Screened Topsoil for a topping and planting.

How much do I need?

Measure length, width, and depth of the area you are working on and we can determine the
volume of material needed.

How deep should I put gravel on my driveway?

2″ to 3″ is typical for topping.

What kind of driveway gravel does MarJo offer?

We offer 21AA Crushed ConcreteCrushed Asphalt, Natural Road Gravel, Driveway Chips &
 and Crushed Limestone.

What kind of stone does MarJo deliver?

We can deliver any kind of material the surrounding plants have to offer which include,
Natural Washed Round Stone, Washed Crushed Natural, Washed Round Stone, Washed Crushed
Natural, Limestone, Cobble Stone and Boulders.

What should I use for my paver patio?

Chips & Dust is a commonly used base material for patio pavers (usually 3” – 4” deep) and we recommend our #4 Sand (2NS) as fill sand for patio pavers. This sand is commonly used for leveling (about 2” deep).

What kind of sand should I use for my swimming pool?

8 Mason sand is great for swimming pools. It is washed and finely graded with no sharp edges which will not rupture the
pool liner.

What kind of sand should I use for a sandbox, volleyball court or beach?

We offer Play Sand for sandbox and volleyball courts. It is clean light-colored sand that has gone through a screening
process and is commonly used for those purposes.

What is your service area for commercial deliveries?

Our delivery area is generally a 50 mile radius from our location at 2635 Wilson Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534

What is your service area for residential deliveries?

Our delivery area is generally a 50 mile radius from our location at 2635 Wilson Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534

Is there a minimum or maximum order size?

No minimum/maximum order size. We can deliver whatever quantities ordered however it may take more than 1 load and more than 1 truck. Truck sizes vary. We have: a 5-yarder that holds up to 5 yards of most materials, tri-axle dump that holds up to 15 yards of most materials, quad-axle that holds up to 18 yards of most materials, tri-axle lead (tractor-trailer) that holds up to 23 yards of most materials, quad-axle lead (tractor-trailer) that holds up to 25 yards of most materials, short double (quad axle pulling trailer) that holds up to 40 yards of most materials, regular train that holds up to 40 yards of most materials, super train that holds up to 45 yards of most materials. (sorry about the “most materials”. 5 yards of sand weighs less than 5 yards of stone so the 5-yarder truck may only hold around 4 yards and the same generally speaking goes for all the other trucks also).

Is there a minimum quantity MarJo will deliver?

Yes, 1 cubic yard for soils (sands & top soils) and 1 ton for gravels & stones.

Does MarJo deliver on Saturdays?

Most of the time until about noon between Memorial Day until about Thanksgiving.

When can it be delivered?

We specialize in same or next day delivery. If your planning ahead, a 24-hour notice is always
sufficient. An adult must be at the delivery site.

Can MarJo spread the gravel?

We can spread the material while it is being dumped (tailgating) and only when the weather is
warm enough. We do not charge for this type of spreading nor do we guarantee the spreading.

Is there pick-up available?

Yes, we have an assortment of materials at our yard. The materials are sold by the load.

What is the difference between “Shoemaker and Sons” and “Marjo Construction”?

MarJo Construction is the delivery company that transports aggregate products from the Shoemaker and Sons yard.

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