Many people buy Topsoil for gardening beds, to aid in grass growth for new lawns, to supplement and repair existing lawns. We offer both screened Topsoil and unscreened Topsoil for sale.

What is the difference between Screened Topsoil and Unscreened Topsoil?

Screened Topsoil has been sifted through a screener to remove clumps, rocks, broken sticks, and bits of plant matter. This makes it great for lawns and gardens. Unscreened Topsoil hasn’t been through this screening process, making it cheaper but not ideal for lawns and planting. However, it can still make a great fill dirt.

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MarJo Construction offers products for both residential and commercial use. You can pick it up from our location at 2635 Wilson Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534, or we can deliver within a 50 mile radius of our location.

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We contacted multiple contractors in the Grand Rapids area in our search for fill dirt for our backyard and shoemaker and sons was the best price combo for topsoil and delivery by far! They were easy to get ahold of, friendly and helpful on the phone and during delivery, and were able to deliver the dirt within a day’s notice. Also, they went above and beyond, customer service-wise, helping us determine the right amount of dirt we needed and going the extra mile to make sure we got the amount we required. I highly recommend this company and will readily contact them again if we ever need services they provide .

Emily C